Big Tent Activate Summit
New Delhi 2013


What happens when a billion Indians come online?

The Internet has already changed India. But we’re only at the beginning of a significant transformation as we move from just over 150 million to more than a billion Indians online in the near future.

At this Big Tent Activate Summit in New Delhi on 21 March, Google is bringing together leading Indian and international experts to discuss the changes we’re already seeing and to forecast those to come.

Some of the questions we’ll aim to address include:

  • Can India gain a global competitive edge by enabling the full economic potential of the Internet?

  • Will the Internet dilute Indian culture, or can it help preserve and share it locally and globally?

  • How is the Internet already changing the democratic process, and what will happen as many more constituents come online?

There will be addresses by Eric Schmidt, Alan Rusbridger, Sam Pitroda, Stephanie Cutter, Umar Saif, Shashi Tharoor, Jeff Jarvis, Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau and other leading Indian and international speakers.

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